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Kelly - UCare

A million times thank you to UCare for supporting me through health challenges and helping improve my life through education.

As a teen, Kelly went through some tough times due to unstable family life, often moving from home to home. She ended up getting into trouble with drugs and left high school at 16. Kelly went through a period of drug addiction which led to some felony convictions and delayed the completion of her high school education. She has been eager to get her GED® credential ever since. She knew it would be the key to a stable job and a better future. 

When Kelly found out about GEDWorks through an email from her health plan, UCare, she signed up without hestiation. As a UCare member, the entire program was free for her! This was the opportunity Kelly had been waiting for and she was determined to earn her GED. 

Kelly was grateful to UCare for offering GEDWorks in addition to being there for her during health challenges. She couldn’t believe a health plan would care so much about its members to support their health and education. Talk about improving lives!  

Throughout the GEDWorks program, her advisor Gaby kept Kelly motivated and on track with test prep. She encouraged her from the first day all the way to graduation. Kelly also appreciated the program’s flexibility, allowing her to work at her own pace. In addition to her study materials and online tools, Kelly enrolled in a local adult ed program for help with Math. She was able to pass her final subject test shortly thereafter.  

Kelly achieved her GED credential in June of 2021. She also participated in the Career Path program, a pilot program with UCare, Julius Education, and GEDWorks, where she got to work with a success coach to find the best fit for a job nearby. Kelly is now working full time and is on her way to fulfilling her dreams!