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Bianca - Taco Bell

Thanks to Taco Bell’s support, the GED has opened many doors for me. I’ll be able to go to college now!

Growing up, Bianca was an honor roll student at school. However, living in a neighborhood where violence and gangs were part of everyday life, the negative environment took a toll on her education. A sudden unfortunate event at home was the final straw; she just could not continue going to school as if everything was ok. In ninth grade, she left high school.  

Several years later, Bianca got another chance to finish her diploma. Working at Taco Bell, she learned that her employer offers GEDWorks to cover the entire cost of earning the GED credential. GEDWorks isn’t a reimbursement program, so Bianca didn’t have to pay anything up front. She was excited to discover that GEDWorks includes prep materials, dedicated advisors for encouragement throughout the process and testing fees.  

Bianca shared her appreciation for the program: “As I was getting ready for the GED, my family, my area coach at Taco Bell, Alma, and my GED advisor were all really there for me. Even when I had an emergency come up the day before the test, I didn’t give up because I knew they believed in me.” 

Ever since achieving her GED, Bianca feels more empowered for her future. While she continues to work at Taco Bell, she also plans to enroll in college!