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Angel - Taco Bell

I recommend the GEDWorks program 100%! I’ve already told my co-workers at Taco Bell how great it is.

Angel’s high school years were a rough ride. She moved around a lot and had to adapt to a new school every time: new teaching techniques, new curriculum, new friends. Eventually, this constant state of change took a toll on her learning; the knowledge just didn’t stick. Angel wasn’t able to finish high school the traditional way, but she did close the loop later by getting her GED through the GEDWorks program at Taco Bell. 

Working at Taco Bell, Angel’s team leaders were great; they really listened and cared for team members. “I was telling my managers how I hadn’t graduated high school and they immediately told me about the GEDWorks program and how Taco Bell would pay for it. I wanted to give it a try,” she said. Everything was included for her in GEDWorks: prep materials, dedicated advisors and testing fees. Angel’s managers and her boyfriend cheered her along through each test. They celebrated when a subject was completed and believed that Angel was ready to graduate.  

Looking back, she says it wasn’t as scary as she had imagined; the GED was challenging, but she was well prepared. She is proud to have done it all. Angel’s next goal is career growth. She feels strongly about her success going forward and shares her excitement about the GEDWorks program with more team members at Taco Bell.