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Blanca Santamaria

I was grateful that KFC offered the GEDWorks program for employees. I wanted to better myself, starting with education by getting my GED credential.

Blanca Santamaria first heard about GEDWorks™ from a team member at KFC who was familiar with the program. She was excited to find out more and how getting her GED® credential could lead to new opportunities.

She felt grateful that KFC offered a way for employees to get their GED credential at no cost to them. Knowing that prep materials, the test itself, and even an advisor to help along the way were all covered by the program gave Blanca confidence to succeed.

As a working mom juggling kids and a night shift, Blanca appreciated the flexibility of GEDWorks. She could login when it was convenient for her and study as little or as much as she could each day. Sometimes she just needed to rest and that was ok. She didn’t have to worry about commuting to a class or working around others’ schedules. Even the GED test was available online, which reduced her stress.

It wasn’t easy to find up to three hours each day to study, but Blanca had great support from her husband and her manager at KFC. Her husband would take care of the kids as soon as he came home from work; her manager helped Blanca stay balanced. She was able to stay motivated to pass each subject.

Passing the GED test was an amazing feeling for Blanca. She has many options to explore in life! Her next step is higher education.