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Sunny - Amazon

I’m thankful that Amazon provides the GEDWorks program. With my GED I can go to college and be a role model for my kids.

Sunny’s employer, Amazon, spread the word about GEDWorks through a back-to-school program to encourage workers to complete their high school education. She signed up right away, motivated by her three kids (10, 7, and a baby) to be a strong example for them.  

This wasn’t Sunny’s first attempt at the GED. She left high school at age 16 to care for her father who had become ill. Back in high school, Sunny felt that her teacher at the time was very discouraging; the negative environment was another reason she quit early. A few years later, Sunny enrolled in classes at a local community college, but it was time-consuming, and she didn’t have much support. 

Fast forward to 2022, Sunny decided to try again through GEDWorks. She’s grateful to her family for building a support network so that she could find time to study around family and work commitments. GEDWorks made math much easier than before; there are many ways to learn and remember tough topics. All four subjects went smoothly and having practice tests helped Sunny keep up her confidence.  

When the time came to take the GED test, Sunny doubted herself all the way up to the morning of. Her fiancé encouraged her by constantly reinforcing that she could achieve this goal: “Don’t give up, don’t give up!” 

Getting her GED was a proud moment for Sunny. She’s now ready to take the next step in her career —an Associate degree in Applied Science to become an EMT. Her son is also interested in science; she’s excited to be a role model for him.  

Sunny is thankful that Amazon provides the GEDWorks program and impressed that her company takes such positive initiatives to support employees.