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Exhibit 11

Jurisdiction Price Change Process

  1. Jurisdiction requests GED® test Price Change through GEDTS State Relationship Manager (SRM)
  2. GEDTS SRM works with the Jurisdiction to complete the Price Change Request form. (see Attachment).
  3. GEDTS SRM and GED Administrator determine and document the testing sites that are impacted by the change.
  4. GEDTS SRM works with internal GEDTS teams and determines the feasibility of the price change.
  5. GEDTS SRM works with GED Administrator to secure mutual agreement on the price change if any adjustments are necessary.
  6. GEDTS SRM communicates timelines to Jurisdiction (90-120 days if channel comp is impacted) and identify the sites impacted by the price change.
  7. GEDTS Legal drafts MOU Amendment, sends to GEDTS SRM and Jurisdiction and GED Testing Service sign mutually acceptable MOU Amendment.
  8. Implementation Timeline begins
  9. GEDTS SRM communicates Price Change Request to all GED® testing centers. GED Administrator provides support as necessary to implement price changes with testing centers.
  10. GEDTS and GED Administrator must review and determine how replace vouchers for unused/not redeemed vouchers will be addressed.

Download and fill out the Jurisdiction Price Change Request Form