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How to Take the GED Test for Free or Discounted

May 20, 2021

Student getting a free GED test

Taking the GED test is an important step in furthering your education or career opportunities. Getting a GED could also help you earn more money over your lifetime–GED graduates can earn $9,000 more a year than those without a GED or high school diploma. With a GED, you can expand your opportunities and apply to college and career training programs. And while the fees for the GED test are a worthwhile investment in your future, the cost of the test could be a barrier to entry for some people seeking to earn their GED.

So how can you get a free or discounted GED? Fortunately, there are a few options for getting a free or subsidized GED test.

Earn a Free GED with the GEDWorks Program

GEDWorks is a comprehensive program that allows you to get your GED for free through your employer. The GED program allows you to take free GED tests, making it easy to earn your GED while you work.

GEDWorks is free to employees or members, with costs covered by the employer or healthcare provider. The program provides unlimited access to English and Spanish study materials, preparation courses, tutoring, practice tests, a personal advisor, and more–at no cost to you. Advisors work with each student weekly by coaching, offering study tips, and study material guidance every step of the way. Participating students also have the support of their employers, as they can track progress and overall performance using the data and reporting features built in the program.

Those who enroll in GEDWorks are almost twice as likely to earn their GED than those who study for the test on their own. Top companies like Taco Bell, KFC, Sheetz, The Cheesecake Factory, Pizza Hut, and more are building stronger workforces with GEDWorks. There are also health plan providers, like Minnesota-based UCare, that offer eligible members access to GEDWorks. Since the program’s launch, we’ve helped over 4,200 students earn their GED credentials at no cost to them. You can register at to see if your company already offers free GED tests. A full list of participating employers can be found here.

Other Ways to Take Your GED Test for Free or a Discount

Some states across the country offer the opportunity to take your test for free or a discount as part of a promotion. States like Minnesota, Maryland, and DC offer discounted testing, and others like Connecticut, Kentucky, and Virginia offer free testing. Depending on the state, the student may need to be a state resident, a first-time tester, enrolled in an approved adult education program, and take the GED Ready practice test. Eligibility varies by state, but you can view a full list of states currently offering free or discounted testing here.

Learn More About How to Earn a Free or Discounted GED

Want to learn more about how to earn a GED for free or a discount? Whether you’re an employee working for a company offering the GEDWorks program or a student living in a state offering a test discount, GED Testing Service is ready to help. You can learn more about our employer-sponsored GEDWorks program by visiting Or you can register at, and during the sign-up process, you can see if your company offers GEDWorks or your state offers free or discounted testing.




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