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How Credly Digital Badges Can Help You Maximize the Value of Your GED® Credential

November 3, 2023

What is Credly? 

Credly is the official issuer of GED® digital badges and hosts the largest and most connected digital credential network. Educational institutions and employers have trusted Credly for years to save time and provide verified confirmation of an individual’s educational achievements.  

The Credly platform isn’t just for the GED credential. Credly enables organizations, educational institutions, and certification providers to create, issue, and manage digital badges. For context on the technical side, if you’re curious how the sausage is made: digital badges are often embedded with metadata that provide information about the accomplishment, the issuer, the criteria met, and the evidence supporting the achievement. This metadata is important for verification and validation purposes. 

After receiving your GED credential – or after each subject test when you score College Ready or College Ready+ – you’ll get an email with instructions on how to access and use your Credly badge.  

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What is a digital badge? 

In a nutshell, a digital badge is like a sticker you can place on your resume, social media and more to show your educational achievements to colleges and employers. It’s an instant way to communicate diplomas and certificates.    

Key benefits of digital badges include: 

  • Instant visual representation: Digital badges are visual representations of achievements or skills earned by an individual. They provide information about the issuer, the criteria met and evidence of the accomplishment. Digital badges are shareable online.
  • Verification: Digital badges come with verification of authenticity. You can share your badges with potential employers or educational institutions, for example, who can then verify the badge’s validity through the issuer’s platform. This adds a layer of trust to the credentials presented.
  • Portability: Digital badges are portable and can be easily shared across various online platforms. This enables you to showcase your achievements to a wide audience, such as potential employers, colleagues, and peers, without needing to carry physical certificates or transcripts.
  • Stackable Credentials: Digital credentialing supports the concept of stackable credentials. This means that you can earn multiple badges and credentials that collectively demonstrate a range of skills and accomplishments. Stackable credentials show a more comprehensive and dynamic representation of a person’s capabilities.
  • Engagement and Motivation: Digital badges can help motivate you to keep learning. Instant gratification feels good! As you go through your educational journey, you’ll receive tangible recognition for your hard work that you can use in the real world right away to grow in your career. 


  • Data Analytics: Issuers of digital badges can gather data on how badges are being used, shared, and verified. This data can provide insights into the effectiveness of educational programs, the demand for certain skills, and other relevant trends.  


Can my digital badge help me find a job? 

Yes! Digital badges have gained popularity as a more flexible way of representing skills and accomplishments compared to traditional paper certificates or transcripts. They can be easily shared on social media, added to resumes, included in digital portfolios and even connected to job search engines. Credly’s Talent Match can help you search for open roles that match your skills so you’re not limited to searching for roles based on keywords or titles. You’ll get more info about Talent Match when you create a Credly login after completing your GED. 

How do I get my Credly badge? 

After receiving your GED credential – or after each subject test when you score College Ready or College Ready+ – you’ll get an email with instructions on how to access and use your Credly badge. If you’re a recent GED grad, keep your eyes peeled on your inbox. You can also check your GED student account for a notification. If you’re currently working on your GED, keep at it. We’re rooting for you to succeed! 



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