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GEDWorks: Success Stories

August 30, 2021

At GEDWorks, we are proud to partner with organizations and companies nationwide to help people of all ages achieve their GED. From major companies to small employers, health plans, and non-profit organizations, we are changing lives together, one credential at a time. Get to know GEDWorks grads and their stories below. 


Just because you didn’t graduate before, don’t let others get you down. Always stay positive and keep working hard.”  Jessica, GEDWorks Student of the Month 

For Jessica, achieving her GED was the key to getting promoted to franchise manager at KFC. Jessica’s managers encouraged her to sign up for GEDWorks in order to get her high school credential at no cost. Jessica was happy to discover that KFC offered such a valuable resource.  

Jessica’s main motivation was her young daughter; with a stable management role, she could provide her a better future. She started the GEDWorks program in September 2020, taking advantage of online tools and guidance from her advisor. GED Ready practice tests provided a baseline of which subjects she could pass quickly, and which ones needed more time. The program requires students to prep three hours per week; Jessica went above and beyond by studying much more.  

Her hard work paid off! She passed Language Arts and Social Studies subjects first, followed by Science and Math. With her GED in hand, Jessica is proud of her success. Her advice: “Don’t let anyone get you down just because you didn’t graduate before. Think positive, always think positive.”

Murphy USA 

“When I discovered GEDWorks through my employer, Murphy USA, I was relieved.

It was exactly the push I needed to get my GED.”  Destiny, GEDWorks Graduate

Destiny found out about the GEDWorks program from her store manager at Murphy USA. Then the district manager helped her sign up. Destiny had already started studying for the GED® before but having prep and test costs covered by her employer really motivated her.  

Destiny was always a bright student, but life circumstances got in the way of finishing high school. About halfway through high school, she and her family moved and some of her class credits didn’t transfer over. This made her feel like she was behind her new classmates. She enrolled in an adult education program at the local community college but had to hit pause when her grandmother became sick. She was spending so much time caring for her grandmother that it was impossible to complete classwork. 

Since then, Destiny has been keen on getting her high school equivalency credential. In the GEDWorks program, Destiny appreciated having an advisor keep her on track with prep and scheduling tests. Her advisor helped keep her grounded and determined to succeed. Destiny also used GED Flash to brush up on her knowledge with practice questions, even on busy days.  

Still, it was tough to balance work and family. In addition to her full-time job, Destiny helped her mom with her sister. She often had to study late at night. Luckily, Destiny’s best friend was there to encourage her. She would come over to help her study and keep up the motivation to knock out all four subject tests.  

Destiny’s district manager was also there to cheer her on. She sent messages to see how she was doing and recognized her success when she passed the test. 

Upon getting her GED, Destiny felt so accomplished —she made her grandma proud! Destiny is excited to pursue a career in technology now that she has her diploma. 

Pizza Hut 

“The GED gave me confidence. I started as a part-time server; now I’m a full-time shift lead manager.”  Malinda, GEDWorks Graduate 


Malinda completed 9th grade, but after a fire disaster at her home, she just couldn’t stay motivated in school. Fast forward to her thirties, Malinda wanted to become a role model for her kids. She didn’t envision herself as a cashier for life. She felt stuck because job opportunities were limited without a high school diploma. 

One day, her regional general manager mentioned that Pizza Hut offers GEDWorks and emphasized that it’s free for employees to participate. She encouraged Malinda to sign up and cheered her on throughout the program. 

GEDWorks was an eye-opener for Malinda. Having the financial and emotional support network to pursue her high school credential made all the difference. Her favorite part of the program was the dedicated advisor: “My advisor was amazing, she kept pushing me. I finally had somebody to be in touch with and get feedback. She believed in me, which made me believe in myself. Without her encouragement, I never would have finished.” 

Achieving her GED gave Malinda the confidence to push herself further. “Thanks to the GEDWorks program, I learned never to underestimate myself. I earned my GED and went from being a part-time server to full-time shift lead manager!” Malinda is more loyal than ever to the Pizza Hut brand and looks forward to growing in her career there. 

Taco Bell 

Education has always been important to me, but the high school setting didn’t work out.  

With my GED, I can go to college. I’m really grateful to Taco Bell for this opportunity.”  

 Jacob, GEDWorks Graduate 


Jacob had heard about the GEDWorks from co-workers; it has been part of Taco Bell’s benefits for some time. Jacob was happy to learn that it would only take him a few months from start to graduation. 

While the high school setting did not work out for Jacob, he had always valued education. In fact, he was an honors student during school. Unfortunately, due to some problems at home, Jacob could not attend school every day and dedicate the attention he wanted to his courses. When he finally decided to leave, he started working full time and was able to save enough money to cover the entire first year of college! All he had to do was achieve his high school credential. 

Jacob’s manager at Taco Bell encouraged him to sign up for GEDWorks. He didn’t have to choose between working and being a student; he could do both. “I was grateful because it’s a cool opportunity for my place of work to offer such a great opportunity and cover the costs. I could work full time and get an equivalency diploma. Taco Bell was really flexible about my schedule so that I could study and take the test,” Jacob shared. Everything he needed to succeed was included, from prep tools to personalized guidance from an adviser to the testing fees. 

As he was preparing for the GED, Jacob’s mom was his greatest motivator. She had also left high school early for personal reasons, and seeing her son succeed made her very proud. He inspired her to consider getting her GED too! 

Jacob considers his GED a very valuable asset to his confidence and his resume. Nobody can call him a drop-out; he simply chose a different route for his high school education. His advice to others: “Prioritize education above all.”  

Jacob’s next step is college. Thanks to his high GED scores, he even has some college ready badges to get into the college of his dreams and possibly receive credit for some courses. 

Traffic Management

“The day I got my GED it felt like I won the lottery. I could finally reach career opportunities I really wanted. It’s awesome that Traffic Management provides this program for employees.”  

 Chris, GEDWorks Graduate 


Chris heard about the GEDWorks program at Traffic Management through email. He reached out to Learning and Development right away to sign up. He knew that he could excel at higher skilled jobs; he just needed his high school credential in order to qualify.  

Chris’ daughter was a big part of his motivation. He wanted to show her that not finishing high school could lead to obstacles in the long run; it’s important to work hard and stay dedicated to education. 

Prepping for the test through GEDWorks was easier than Chris had imagined. The hardest part was balancing his schedule. After a 10-hour workday and a 45-minute commute, he took care of his little girl. She was proud to help her dad by being quiet and letting him focus on studying.  

The day Chris got his GED, he was ecstatic. “I felt like I won the lottery,” he said. Although Chris didn’t finish high school in a traditional classroom environment, Chris proved that he could still be successful. He’s forever grateful to Traffic Management for the opportunity to achieve his credential. 


Everything felt so easy and fast. I got my GED in less than a month!”  Irene, GEDWorks Graduate 

Irene had been wanting to get her GED for over five years, but life seemed to always be getting in the way. Between work and family commitments, there was a lot to juggle.  

One day, she opened an email from UCare, which explained that as a UCare member she could get her GED® at no cost through GEDWorks. She thought to herself: I’ll try one subject, and if I pass it, I’ll do another.  

The GEDWorks program went by fast for Irene. She only needed a little bit of prep to refresh her memory. Then, taking the practice tests came naturally and she was ready for the real thing in no time.  Before she knew it, Irene passed all four subjects of the GED test!  

In less than a month, Irene became a proud GED grad. Her daughter was the first to say, “I’m so proud of you, mom!” Irene is grateful to UCare and to her GEDWorks advisor for being so encouraging along the way.  

Irene’s future plans include applying for a higher position at work and taking welding classes to learn new skills. 

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