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Michael - Pizza Hut

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give GEDWorks an 11! Big thanks to Pizza Hut for offering this program to get my GED. Now I can provide a better future for my family.

Michael had tried prepping for the GED on his own before but didn’t get to a point where he felt confident enough to take the test. When he began working at Pizza Hut, he found out about GEDWorks in his welcome email. He knew it was the perfect chance to get his high school credential. Better yet, the entire program was free, totally covered by his employer.  

Balancing work, home, and studying wasn’t always easy, but the flexibility of GEDWorks helped Michael fit test prep into his busy schedule. He liked that there were different tools to choose from and multiple ways to learn; that kept things interesting. Being able to practice over and over made the concepts stick.  

A couple months later, Michael took the GED test and passed. Michael shared how he felt that day: “It was like a weight had been lifted off my chest. I feel so much more confident, like nothing’s holding me back anymore.” 

Michael’s wife, who was his number one supporter during the student journey, threw a party to celebrate his diploma. Now he’s excited to do some traveling and then taking next steps in career.