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Chelsy - Murphy USA

Murphy USA supporting me in furthering my education was the last little push I needed. I'll be forever grateful.

Working at Murphy USA, Chelsy learned that GEDWorks™ was a great way to get her GED without having to worry about costs. Her employer completely covered prep and testing fees through the program.  

Chelsy shared her appreciation: “Murphy USA supporting me in furthering my education was a real blessing. It was the last little push I needed, and I’ll be forever grateful.” 

She loved that GEDWorks included everything she needed. Having an advisor, interactive study tools, practice tests and the test itself all in one place saved time and helped her stay focused. GED Ready practice tests were among her favorite tools because they narrowed down exactly what she had to learn in each subject without spending time on topics she already knew well.  

As a single mom with a full-time job, she had put off getting her GED before because it was impossible to find the time to prep for it. With GEDWorks, she could study in short bursts and count on her advisor to help her stay on track. This all gave her the confidence to pass. With prep and testing available online, Chelsy was able to finish fast – one subject per week to get her credential in just one month! 

Chelsy offered advice for students considering GEDWorks: “Don’t hesitate, just jump in and take the chance. Dedicate yourself, study hard and you won’t be disappointed. I’ve never felt so good about myself as when I read the words ‘your diploma’!” 

Now that she has her GED, Chelsy will continue her education by pursuing a business degree.