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Kailee - Murphy USA

It was wonderful knowing that my job was behind me 100% of the way.

Kailee discovered GEDWorks™ while working at Murphy USA. Kailee’s main motivation to achieve her GED® was to grow in her career and be able to provide a better future for her kids.  

Knowing that her employer would support this big step in life meant a lot. Kailee was able to prep for the GED test confidently, without worrying about the cost of tools or practice tests. The fact that the program also included an advisor was a big boost. Kailee felt that she succeeded in passing the test because her advisor never gave up and kept encouraging her to reach the finish line, even on tough days.  

After completing GEDWorks, Kailee recommends it with enthusiasm. One of her favorite aspects of the program was that she could study and test from home. Kailee’s advice to other GED students is to: “Go for it! You are smarter than you may think. Never doubt yourself and always have faith.”