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Graduate Stories

  • Tanvir

    “GED opened up an amazing opportunity for me and helped me step closer to my success.”

  • Sittara

    “GED is a path to success for many people around the world and me. With GED, I made my family proud and now can go to one of the best universities. I have been waiting for so long.”

  • Karlene

    “GED is an incredible program for people who want to make better decisions in their lives, and it also tests your ambition. Always put forth your best effort, and you will find your way.”

  • Isabel

    “GED has helped me present my best self to the world and remember it is never too late to achieve what you want in life.”

  • Gavin

    “Thank you to GED; it is an excellent choice to assist you in moving closer to your goal.”

  • Cindy

    “GED is a critical key to unlocking more great opportunities in life, and I now understand how important education is to every advancement.”

  • Pachara

    “GED is a flexible program that allows me to pursue my education; it is a friendly program for everyone who wants to study at their own pace.”

  • Leah

    “GED is a very accommodating program for individuals who have dreams. It is a stepping stone to further your education and an alternative to proving one's ability to apply all the classroom theories. Thank you to GED!”

  • Aleena

    “My GED journey was such a fantastic experience.  I am happy and very proud of myself that I can achieve another goal in life. Thank you to GED!”

  • Solomon

    “GED has offered me many great opportunities and more options for life.”

  • Ramida

    “The GED is the best choice to take one step forward in life.”

  • Pranjol

    “The GED opens the door of a better chance in life and it is recognized internationally.”