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Graduate Stories

  • Aneli

    “The GED is an alternative option that will enable me to achieve my life goal.”

  • Marie

    “GED is an opportunity for everyone looking to do better in life, as well as a ticket for people looking to further their education in another country.”

  • Mahdi

    “GED is a technical and versatile curriculum for students who want to pursue an educational or career goal in a different way.”

  • Maham

    “I am an asylum seeker and was looking for an opportunity to complete high school. Thank you to GED, for making my future plan easier.”

  • Jeff

    “The GED was a fantastic entry point for me to further my education and pursue my dream career.”

  • Zanel

    “GED is appropriate for all learners and serves as a means of self-promotion.”

  • Bhanuvit

    “GED is my answer to completing high school, regardless of what brought me here. It's a door that can open to more opportunities anywhere.”

  • Jesseca

    “The GED taught me to believe in myself, to be more confident, and to be ready for whatever the world has in store for me.”

  • Channawit

    “GED is a wonderful pathway that provides me with many opportunities and serves as a launching pad to look into other study options in other countries.”

  • Jessie

    “The GED is a fantastic pathway for me to fulfill and achieve my dreams.”

  • Messanee

    “GED is an excellent program that gives me a lot of opportunities and is a stepping stone to get into a university.”

  • Wilna

    “GED empowered me to follow my dreams and open the door to more opportunities.”