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Graduate Stories

  • Marelize

    “GED was an amazing journey that opened many great career opportunities; it is very straightforward to study, and everyone can achieve this”

  • Nawarat

    “GED was a fun and wonderful journey of mine; it offered a flexible schedule for everyone. You have a chance to learn more about global knowledge.”

  • Sasikanchaya

    “GED is an internationally-recognized high school certificate that offers flexible test scheduling; I can decide the exam date whenever I am ready for it.”

  • Emika

    “GED was a miracle! It was my bold decision to further my education and all my hard work paid off in the end.”

  • Josh

    “By passing the GED, it has helped me strive to do better in my career and learn more about what I could do to improve and achieve.”

  • Solaiman

    “GED is a great option to help me continue my studies at a university.”

  • Sharif

    “GED is a friendly program for students, providing us with facilities and giving us a chance to step ahead and be accepted worldwide.”

  • Pichyapa

    “The GED has helped me focus on my analytical abilities, which is a vital skill for university life.”

  • Moht Moht

    “Getting a GED certificate is a connecting bridge for me to further my education in a university anywhere.”

  • Marijke

    “The GED was a key success in my life. By earning my GED, a whole world of opportunities is opening for me.”

  • Joriana

    “The GED allowed me to work and study at my own pace. It was a straightforward lesson and a flexible schedule.”

  • Jabir

    “Getting the GED to help me to achieve my goal and be able to get into a university in oversea.”