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Graduate Stories

  • Chatchapol

    “The GED test helped me gain valuable skills, including critical thinking and data analysis, rather than memorization. These skills are key to my success in university”

  • Myat Pan

    “What I like most about the GED program is the critical thinking aspect. This program required me to analyze, interpret, and think outside the box. For me, the GED program was more than a certificate; it was a pathway towards my personal development.”

  • Porawee

    “I wanted to graduate fast and have time to focus on achieving my goals. With the GED diploma, I plan to study in the Faculty of Architecture at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand.”

  • Phiyachon

    “Having access to different studying options through the GED website was incredibly helpful during my exam preparation. Scheduling the exams and booking venues through the GED website was also a straightforward process.”

  • Berdine

    “I appreciate that I was able to take the time to study for each of the four subjects individually. Additionally, there are many user-friendly online prep materials available. I found the GED Flash product to be very helpful in my exam preparation.”

  • Minhal

    “The convenience of learning from home, together with the assurance of an internationally recognized high school diploma, made the journey a smooth one. Moreover, the subject matter taught was unique and engaging, setting it apart from other options.”

  • Kochakorn

    “I appreciate the GED program for its ability to measure high school skills and knowledge. The GED test is also internationally recognized.”

  • Reolan Jaden

    “GED opens so many doors for me. Currently, I am pursuing an accounting degree with future plans to move overseas.”

  • Vincenzo

    “The GED program made me curious about learning and it is practical-centered. I liked that I was welcome to challenge myself during the learning time with GED Ready, and that the tests were not stressful.”

  • Rain

    “GED is the door to my future. After I completed the GED, I was happy to get to do what I wanted to do. I highly recommend everyone to take the GED. It will help you with your education and career.”

  • Wesley

    “GED is a solution for anyone looking to challenge themselves and open a path to success.”

  • Cherise

    “The GED is an incredible educational certificate that allows you to work independently from anywhere in the world.”