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Graduate Stories

  • Fazle

    “GED is a life-changing choice. It has opened many new opportunities in my life.”

  • Damian

    “With the GED, I can finally make my dream of a university come true.”

  • Chayanon

    “Getting the GED credential can bring me a better opportunity in life.”

  • Iris

    “GED was self-paced and supportive of people who are studying on their own. It is very flexible for everyone.”

  • Catherine

    “The GED was straightforward and it is flexible for everyone. You can set your study and test schedule. You get your results within a few hours.”

  • Azmain

    “GED was a great opportunity to get a high school diploma to fulfill my dream.”

  • Bikash

    “With the GED, there are no boundaries. GED is for all. You can do it from anywhere at any time.”

  • Athitaya

    “With a GED credential and my hard work, I was able to get a scholarship to a university.”

  • Oat

    “The GED was straightforward to study and test; it is a computer-based test. If you work hard enough, you will achieve it for sure.”

  • Tina

    “GED made me confident that I can do well in whatever I choose despite my health conditions.”

  • Warren

    “Earning a GED credential, an international qualification, provided me various opportunities to achieve my dream.”

  • Amy

    “GED was the best fit for me and my career path.”