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Raul - Taco Bell

My goal was to get my GED as quickly as possible. With GEDWorks I was able to complete my high school credential in a few months. It’s great that Taco Bell cares about my future.

While on his break one day, Raul noticed a flyer in the break room about GEDWorks™. He wanted to learn more right away. Raul’s main motivation for getting his GED was to progress in his career. Many jobs he wanted required a high school diploma. As job opportunities came up, he wanted to be able to apply and be considered.  

Most of the test subjects came easily to Raul; when he was in school before, he was enrolled in several honors classes. However, math required some extra studying. He was glad to have online prep available to him through the GEDWorks program, as well as an adviser to help guide him. The GED Ready practice test was one of his favorite study tools because when he did well on those, it motivated to keep going and see how well he could score on the next subject. 

Raul’s managers at Taco Bell cheered him along the GED journey, and even encouraged his brother to sign up for GEDWorks. They said: “There’s no reason you both shouldn’t have your high school credential. You gotta go for it!” Raul achieved his GED in just a few months.  

In addition to growing in his career, Raul is excited about experiencing college. He’s actively applying to schools near him.