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Michael - Taco Bell

Thanks to Taco Bell’s support and the GEDWorks program, I was able to get my GED and work at the same time. It was the best way for me to get my high school credential.

Michael had started working at Taco Bell after his junior year in high school; he learned about GEDWorks™ from his supervisor. Knowing that he wouldn’t have to worry about paying for study materials and the test itself motivated him to enroll in GEDWorks. Everything was included so he had no reason not to sign up. 

The flexibility of the program really interested Michael. A traditional classroom wasn’t right for him, so he prepared remotely for his high school credential. The online tools helped him be confident about being able to pass, and his family and girlfriend kept him motivated throughout.  

Michael’s test results came in on a snowy day. He was eager to get home during the storm, and upon arriving he was nervous to open his emails. He was excited to see one from the GED Testing Service with “Congratulations” in the subject line, so he clicked there first. He was so proud to see his passing scores. Michael had achieved his GED! His family and friends took him out for ice cream to celebrate. 

Michael offers advice to future GED hopefuls: “Don’t be afraid to bring up questions as you prep. You won’t know unless you ask. On the day of your test, don’t forget to eat breakfast!” 

Next up for Michael is continuing to work, put aside some savings, and then advance his career.