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Malinda - Pizza Hut

The GED gave me confidence. I started as a part-time server; now I’m a full-time shift lead manager.

Malinda completed 9th grade, but after a fire disaster at her home, she just couldn’t get motivated to stay in school. She lost what she needed to study; she thought she didn’t know enough. Fast forward to her thirties, Malinda wanted to become a role model for her kids. She didn’t envision herself as a cashier for life. She was feeling stuck; job opportunities were limited without a high school diploma.

One day, her regional general manager, Jessica, mentioned that Pizza Hut offers GEDWorks and emphasized that it’s free for employees to participate. She encouraged Malinda to sign up and cheered her on throughout the program.

GEDWorks was an eye-opener for Malinda. Having the financial and emotional support network to pursue her high school credential made all the difference. Her favorite part of the program was the dedicated advisor: “My advisor was amazing, she kept pushing me. I finally had somebody to be in touch with and get feedback. She believed in me, which made me believe in myself. Without her encouragement, I never would have finished.”

Achieving her GED gave Malinda the confidence to push herself further. “Thanks to the GEDWorks program, I learned never to underestimate myself. I earned my GED and went from being a part-time server to full-time shift lead manager!” Malinda is more loyal than ever to the Pizza Hut brand and looks forward to continue growing in her career there.