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Jada - Red Roof

It's an amazing feeling to know that Red Roof cares enough to help me get my GED.

Life is full of twists and turns. Jada left high school junior year; it just wasn’t the right setting for her to learn best. Then her little boy arrived, so she could not complete the GED right away.

Still, she never gave up on the goal of achieving her high school credential. It was a matter of balancing the time necessary to prepare for the test and having the resources to cover costs. Luckily, she was working at the right place!

Red Roof’s commitment to employee advancement is evident throughout the company culture and their suite of benefits. One of the most popular programs for frontline workers is GEDWorks. While working as a front desk agent, Jada was eager to take advantage of this chance to get her GED.

Jada loved that practice tools and study guides were included in GEDWorks. The materials helped her focus on exactly what she needed to pass the test. “It was exciting to see my practice scores. I knew I was ready for the real thing,” she said.

When Jada passed the last subject, it felt like fireworks inside. She was so proud! Jada was truly touched by how Red Roof was there for her to help make this all happen.