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Kymberly - KFC

It’s not just a piece of paper, it’s opening a door we never thought was within reach.

Kymberly’s daughter was her motivation to get her GED. I encourage her to be very focused on her school work. I always tell her how knowledge is power and the more you know the farther you will go. Well, then I felt like a hypocrite- I didn’t even have my high school diploma. I realized for her to be the best she can I needed to as well.”

Although full of self-doubt at first, Kymberly found the support of her GED advisor kept her on track and helped her believe in herself.

“I LOVED the program. The advisors check in with you and always offer words of encouragement. I always did well in school but after so many years of being out you tend to forget things. Thankfully there is plenty of study material provided, so that helped a lot, too. My advisor Katie made me feel like I wasn’t alone honestly which may be what I needed the most. Someone to wish me well instead of remind me of my faults. She is just so awesome! Lots of encouragement and just the right amount of push!”

Kymberly is now actively encouraging friends and colleagues at work to pursue their GED credential. “This program not only offers the funds to those like me that are already on a tight budget but also gives us the encouragement to push forward while most others in the past have knocked us down. It’s not just a piece of paper, it’s opening a door we never thought was within reach.”

Kymberly now sees a future of possibilities now and is pursuing higher education. “I have always been interested in the medical field and wanted to be a nurse as I love helping people! However after being with KFC for five years and hearing my bosses talk about me as a regional general manager, I am definitely interested in business so I suppose who knows?! Now that I have taken that first step the sky’s the limit and I can only go up from here.”