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Jose - Walmart

My managers motivated me the moment I walked in the door.

When Jose was pulled out of high school in 2011, he never thought he’d have the chance to go back and get his high school equivalency. But when he joined Walmart as an overnight support manager, opportunities became real.

Jose’s assistant manager told him out about the GEDWorks program, and he decided to go for it.

He quickly discovered he had a lot of support. In addition to his store manager, his class instructors were always there for him. “They would treat you like family and let you know you could do it. They motivated me the moment I walked in the door.”

His biggest champion, though, was his wife. “I’m a big family person, and my wife was there for me all the time. She encouraged me to study and stick with the program.” Even when he felt like it was too much of a challenge, she cheered him on. “It felt awesome to have my wife’s support. I couldn’t have done it without her,” he said.

Today, Jose is a proud graduate of the program and has successfully received his GED credential. He’s excited to say, “My next goal is to become a store manager so I can continue to support and be an inspiration to my wife and son.”