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Jeffrey - UCare

There are jobs I want to go for that require a high school diploma or GED. I also plan to go to college. Thanks to UCare offering GEDWorks, I don’t have to put off [my dreams] anymore.

Jeffrey first got to know the GEDWorks™ program through an email from UCare. He had been trying to sign up for a GED preparation program for a long time, but had not found the right fit for in-person classes. Knowing that GEDWorks is completely online motivated Jeffrey to jump in.  

Having left high school at the age of 17, the main reasons Jeffrey wanted to get his GED were higher education and career growth: “There are jobs I want to go for that require a high school diploma or GED. I also plan to go to college, 100%! I don’t have to put [my dreams] off anymore.” 

When he tried to get the GED on his own before, he didn’t have time to study properly, and it was tough to schedule and take the test around other commitments. Being able to access different types of tools as part of the  GEDWorks program kept studying interesting, and his advisor encouraged him to keep going until he was ready to pass the test. 

Jeffrey found the prep tools helpful and easy to use. His favorite was GED Flash because the flashcard style practice questions were short and engaging. He also liked the GED Ready practice test because it showed him how the real test would look and feel. All of the tools were accessible anytime, so he didn’t have to worry about changing his work schedule to balance out time for studying. 

Jeffrey felt great about his experience: “It’s amazing. I’m extremely grateful. I wouldn’t have my GED now if it weren’t for UCare.” He encourages anyone who doesn’t have their GED yet to try to get it through GEDWorks, because it’s a really flexible and effective program.