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Chris - Traffic Management Inc.

The day I got my GED it felt like I won the lottery. I could finally reach career opportunities I really wanted. It’s awesome that Traffic Management provides this program for employees.

Chris heard about the GEDWorks program at Traffic Management through email. He reached out to Learning and Development right away to sign up. He knew that he was capable of excelling at higher skilled jobs; he just needed his high school credential in order to qualify.  

Chris’ daughter was a big part of his motivation. He wanted to show her that not finishing high school could lead to obstacles in the long run; it’s important to work hard and stay dedicated to education. 

Prepping for the test through GEDWorks was easier than Chris had imagined. The hardest part was balancing his schedule. After a 10 hour work day and a 45-minute commute, he took care of his little girl. She was proud to help her dad by being quiet and letting him focus on studying.  

The day Chris got his GED, he was ecstatic. “I felt like I won the lottery,” he said. Although Chris didn’t finish high school in a traditional classroom environment, Chris proved that he could still be successful. He’s forever grateful to Traffic Management for the opportunity to achieve his credential.