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Destiny - Murphy USA

When I discovered GEDWorks through my employer, Murphy USA, I was relieved. It was exactly the push I needed to get my GED.

Destiny had been working at Murphy USA when she found out about the GEDWorks™ program from her store manager. Then the district manager helped her sign up. Destiny had already started studying for the GED® before but having prep and test costs covered by her employer really drove her motivation.  

Destiny was always a bright student, but life circumstances got in the way of finishing high school. About halfway through high school, she and her family moved from Michigan to North Carolina. Some of her class credits didn’t transfer over, which made her feel like she was behind her new classmates. She enrolled in an adult education program at the local community college but had to hit pause when her grandmother became sick. She was spending so much time caring for her grandmother that it was impossible to complete classwork. 

Since then, Destiny has been keen on getting her high school equivalency credential. When she discovered GEDWorks through her employer, she felt relieved. Destiny reflects on her experience:  

It really felt like there was a push to go ahead and finish. Before signing up for GEDWorks, I had done some tests, but then I gave up. The motivation just wasn’t here. With GEDWorks, I was extremely motivated to finish the tests and get my GED. I’m happy about this achievement!” 

A big part of Destiny’s motivation was her advisor. She appreciated that her advisor checked in often to make sure she was on track with prep and scheduling the tests. Her advisor helped keep her grounded and determined to succeed. Destiny also used GED Flash to brush up on her knowledge with practice questions, even on busy days.  

Still, it was tough to balance work and family. In addition to her full-time job, Destiny helped her mom with her sister. She often had to study late at night. Luckily, Destiny’s best friend was there to encourage her. She would come over to help her study and keep up the motivation to knock out all four subject tests.  

Destiny’s district manager was also there to cheer her on. She sent messages to see how she was doing and recognized her success when she passed the test. 

Upon getting her GED, Destiny felt so accomplished. She felt like she finally made her grandma proud! Destiny is excited to pursue a career in technology now that she has her diploma.