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Cassie - UCare

It was really cool that my insurance helped me get an education. I’d never heard of such an opportunity before. The program was awesome.

Cassie had been looking for GED® classes online when she discovered that as a member of UCare, she could take advantage of the GEDWorks™ program. When Cassie had tried to study for the GED in the past, she had enrolled in a third-party program with high monthly charges. After missing a couple months, she realized she was losing money and momentum. Cassie found new motivation in GEDWorks because it included everything she needed from prep to testing, all at no cost to her. 

Since leaving high school 10 years ago, getting the GED was a major life goal for Cassie. However, it was very difficult to fit classes into her busy schedule around work and family commitments. As a mom of four, Cassie truly appreciated the flexibility of the GEDWorks program. She could go at her own pace, logging in to study anytime that was convenient. She did practice questions during the kids’ naps and dove deeper into subjects in the evenings. The prep materials were interactive and easy to understand.  

Cassie loved that she could reach out to her advisor anytime she got stuck. Encouragement from her advisor made a huge difference for passing Math, which was the toughest subject for her. Another welcome surprise for Cassie was that she could take the GED test online, which was a game changer during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Taking practice tests before each subject really helped Cassie be sure that she could pass. And pass she did! First, she scored well on Language Arts. Before she knew it, all four subjects were done.  

Upon achieving her GED, she felt empowered and relieved, like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. Next, she plans to enroll in college to become an investigator or work at a law firm. Cassie is confident that having her GED will open doors to her career ambitions.  

Cassie reflected on this opportunity with gratitude: “My experience showed me that UCare isn’t just an insurance company. They’re goodhearted people who really want to support their members. Getting my GED was a life-changing moment. I never would have thought that I could reach for my dreams through insurance!”