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October 4, 2023

Living from paycheck to paycheck, Aaron wasn’t able to pay for getting the GED on his own. Like many people, he was uncomfortable asking for help. When he learned that Chili’s offered GEDWorks™ at no cost for him, it was reassuring to know that he could finally get his high school credential without attracting too much attention. 

Aaron shared the common thread that a lot of people who do hourly work have to leave high school to help family or take care of siblings; they don’t have a chance to complete their diplomas. He remains grateful for that opportunity through the GEDWorks program. Aaron is especially thankful to his advisor who kept him going from prep through graduation. 

Aaron was proud to achieve his GED because he no longer felt like he had to exaggerate on job applications to be considered. Looking back, he said: “To get a better job you really do need to have a GED or a high school diploma. I never believed that to be true until I tried.” 

Aaron’s GED experience ended up taking him to another field of work. He is growing in a salaried role at a healthcare company office, which could only have happened thanks to his dedication and the support of Chili’s through GEDWorks.