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Want to create an engaged workforce?

Enroll your Taco Bell franchise in GEDWorks™

At Taco Bell, we strive to feed people’s lives with más. That’s why we have partnered with GED Testing Service, the organization that owns and creates the GED® test, to help team members pursue their educational goals. The GEDWorks program enables applicants to study for and take the GED test at a discounted price. If you are interested in growing 21st century leaders at your organization, and potentially reduce turnover and grow business, you can also offer the program to your team members at the same discounted price Taco Bell Corp. is getting for its team members! Sign up today to activate this opportunity for your franchise team members and help feed a dream!


What the program includes:

  • All inclusive start-to-finish program
  • Unlimited online study materials
  • Student advisor that walks students through each step of the process
  • Cost of the test
  • Student progress reporting
  • A gateway to unlimited potential


What is the GED test?

The GED test is a four subject high school equivalency test recognized by nearly all employers and colleges in the US. It is your team member’s second chance to pursue their educational and career goals. Team members with a GED credential have greater opportunities to stay engaged, seek opportunities with further training, or even pursue leadership at your organization.


What’s included in the program?

This all-inclusive start to finish program was developed specifically for employers, with the goal of maximizing their return on training dollars. It is also designed to give working adults flexibility they need to study according to their schedule. This program includes:

  • Unlimited online study materials, practice test and GED test attempts
  • Personal advisor that walks students through each step of the process
  • Student progress reporting to franchises
  • A gateway to unlimited potential


What does it cost?

We have structured the program so you can pay one subject at a time – $100 per subject area gets the student unlimited access to the curriculum, practice test and operational test. There are 4 subjects on the GED test so it would cost an employer $400 for someone to get their GED credential.


How do I promote it?

There are a few ways you can tell your team members about the program:

  • Post this flyer in a place regularly seen by your team members
  • Print the flyer and hand them out to your staff



Still have questions? Email us at [email protected].