The GEDPrep Connect tool can help your adult education program recruit, track and retain adult learners taking classes and the GED test.

Every day students are sharing their scores and selecting adult education programs they would like to connect with and start taking classes. In previous research we found that 34% of GED students are studying in a class, while 28% of students are unaware of GED prep programs and don’t know how to find them. We also found that 63% of students believe GED prep programs can help them pass the test and earn their credential.

The GEDPrep Connect tool is helping students across the country locate programs near them, while encouraging them to start or finish their GED testing process. Educators and administrators with access to GED Manager will be able to view email addresses and phone numbers of interested students that have selected their programs.

GEDPrep Connect is also useful for working with students that have already enrolled in your program and those actively taking the GED test at your location. 76% of students said they are likely or very likely to share their scores with their GED preparation program. With GED Manager access, educators can print batches of student score reports and passers reports with students who have shared their scores with your program. Educators can then create personalized learning plans for their students based on the scores.

More information about how you can use GEDPrep Connect and GED Manager to help meet your program and student success goals is available here.