The GED Option program provides an alternative way to earn a high school credential for students still enrolled in high school.

This program is beneficial for students at risk of dropping out of school or are so far behind in credits that their ability to graduate on time with their class is jeopardized. GED Option allows these students to stay in school and acquire the high-school-level knowledge and skills to pass the GED test, while earning a high school credential during the same graduation year as their peers.

Additional benefits include receiving an individualized learning plan and the program being administered locally to best meet student needs.

Minimum GED Option requirements include:

  • Students meet eligibility criteria (e.g., be a minimum of 16 years of age and enrolled in school) to participate
  • Students should receive ongoing academic and career advising
  • All instruction is to be at a High School level
  • Program must include a GED Option Coordinator
  • Students earn either a regular High School Credential (preferred and recommended) or an Equivalency Credential
  • Students participate in a High School Graduation or ceremony

You can learn more about the GED Option program, implementation, if it’s available in your state, and how to adopt the program in your state here: