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GED® Test Non-Disclosure Agreement

I certify I am the person whose name and address appears on the GED® test registration. I also certify that I will be taking the GED® test to qualify for a high school credential within a jurisdiction and for no other purpose. I understand and agree GED Testing Service LLC owns the GED® test including the GED Ready®: The Official Practice Test for the 2014 GED® test (collectively referred to herein as the GED® test), the questions, and answers. I understand the GED® test is a confidential and secure test, protected by the laws of the United States and elsewhere, including but not limited to copyright laws. I agree that I will not discuss or disclose the content of the GED® test, questions or answers with anyone and I will not record, copy, or disclose any GED® test question or answer, in whole or in part in any form or by any means (orally, in writing, in any internet message board, chat room, forum or otherwise.)

I have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions described in the GED® Program Policy Manual including without limitation those related to:

          • GED® fees, retake and other testing policies, and score cancellations for irregularities and inappropriate examinee conduct
          • ownership of the GED® test, and of all test-related records by GED Testing Service LLC, and
          • privacy policies describing the collection, processing, use and transmission to the United States of my personally identifiable data (including the digital photograph, signature and audio and video recording collected at the GED® test center), and describing the disclosure of such data to GED Testing Service, its service providers, any score recipient and others as necessary to prevent fraud or other unlawful activity or as required by law.

I understand and agree if I provide false information or if I violate any GED® rules or procedures, which include, but are not limited to, cheating; altering or misusing documents; attempting in any way to get advance information about the GED® test from any source; sharing information about GED® test questions or content in any way; attempting to remove questions or any notes relating to the GED® test from the testing room; leaving the testing room without permission; or creating a disturbance in the testing room, including talking, then any one or more of the following may happen:

      • the Exam Administrator may immediately dismiss me from the testing room
      • my GED® test score may be cancelled, without a refund, and the jurisdiction receiving my scores may be informed of the reason for the cancellation
      • I may be prevented from retaking the GED® test, and
      • I may face civil or criminal prosecution

I understand and agree the GED® test center may use GED® testing information and may share that information with GED Testing Service. I acknowledge and consent that GED Testing Service LLC is permitted to use any of my personal information or GED® test data collected from my prior GED® registration and/or testing and combine and use the previously collected information with the information and test results collected for this GED® test as GED Testing Service LLC deems reasonable. I understand that to transfer my GED® scores from one jurisdiction to another jurisdiction or to transfer my scores to any other third party, it is my responsibility to obtain, complete and provide to GED Testing Service any forms, authorizations, consents, certifications or other requirements to permit release of my test score(s). I hereby consent to GED Testing Service releasing my GED® test information as I have authorized. GED Testing Service does research about the GED® test and test-takers, but does not allow your private information to be identified in that research. Sometimes the law requires GED Testing Service to provide private information, and sometimes GED Testing Service LLC has to investigate fraud or other violations using some private information. I give GED Testing Service LLC and Pearson VUE my permission to retain and transmit my personal data and test responses to GED Testing Service LLC and Pearson VUE, both of which are headquartered in the United States, and which may be outside the country in which I am testing.

You may ask questions about the GED Testing Service® policies at [email protected] or 1-800-62-MYGED (1-800-626-9433).