Here are a few interesting facts about the GED test program:

The GED program has a strong connection to U.S. space exploration 

The scientist and astronaut who has flown in the most shuttle missions, and the most time in space (Story Musgrave) was a GED grad. Also, a senior test engineer on the first space shuttle and engineer on the Gemini and Apollo space missions was a GED grad, and his daughter works at GED Testing Service as a State Relationship Manager today.

The GED program has the largest alumni group in the world

There have been more than 20 million GED graduates since its inception in 1942. Grads have gone on to every walk of life, including: Ambassadors, U.S. Surgeon Generals, world-famous athletes, entertainers, and entrepreneurs.

The GED test was given in almost 90 countries, outside of the U.S. in 2019 

The most recent country to open a test center to serve GED students was  Namibia. And most recently Pakistan approved the GED credential formally for acceptance into local universities.

More than 225 colleges and universities across the U.S. use the GED/ACE College Ready or + Credit score levels

These score levels allow GED grads to bypass placement exams, skip remedial education courses, and in some cases walk in to college with credits based on their GED scores.