“Student Authorized View” users in GEDPrep Connect jurisdictions, now have the ability to opt into receiving emails.

When you log in you will see a new “Admin” menu option where you can get to the page that lists the Prep Centers you are associated with, and from there you can opt into receiving emails for those locations.

Here is what the page looks likes for “Student Authorized View” users:

What to do if your prep center is not on our website and/or you would like GED Manager access?

If you would like your prep center added to the GED website you will need to complete the following form: https://ged.com/prep_center_request_form/

If you don’t have GED Manager and would like an account, please complete the following form: https://ged.com/educators_admins/test_admin/ged_manager/ged_manager_request_form/

Please note: You will need permission from your State Administrator in order to be granted access and/or if you want your prep center added to our website. We will reach out to your State Administrator on your behalf, but there is no guarantee that your access will be approved.

GEDPrep Connect increases awareness of Adult Education programs with GED Candidates, connects more students with programs to drive completion and success rates and improves Adult Education programs’ access and management of student information.

More information about this recent update and the other benefits of GEDPrep Connect are available in this recording: https://recordings.join.me/yO4lCKPiEUygGLkjJRKiJA

The GEDPrep Connect PowerPoint is available here.